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Plus (Enjoy Access To Our Facilities At Any Time, But You’ll Miss Out On Access To Racquets, Exclusive Spa Facilities And Blaze Classes)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / @home digital / Unrestricted hours

Per Month£129.00
Joining fee£120.00

Platinum (Gives You Unlimited Access To The Facilities At Your Home Club, Plus Access To Selected Other Clubs And Facilities)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / @home digital / Unrestricted hours / Racquets / Blaze / Spa / Monthly guest pass / Fresh towel / 10% Clubroom discount / 10% saving on kids courses / Enhanced booking / Multiple club access

Per Month£149.00
Joining fee£60.00

Add your partner

Per Month£109.00
Joining fee£60.00

Add your children (3 - 18 years)

Per Month£33.00
Joining fee£10.00

Add your young children (0 - 2 years)

Per Month£2.00
Joining fee£0.00

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David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair: More Than Just A Gym

Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic capital, is home to various attractions and activities. While it boasts ancient castles, monuments, and stunning architecture, the city also offers a modern edge with fitness facilities like David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair. Let’s take a detailed look into what makes this place so special.

The Heart of Fitness: Gym in Edinburgh Shawfair

At the very core of David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair is its state-of-the-art gym. Unlike your standard workout area, this gym promises more than just equipment. It’s a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts. From strength training zones loaded with the latest equipment to cardio sectors boasting cutting-edge machines, the diversity ensures everyone’s workout needs are met.

And if you’re looking to get a more personalised touch to your routine or need a push in the right direction, their expert Personal Trainers are always on hand to assist.

Stretch and Sweat: Diverse Exercise Classes

Workouts can sometimes get monotonous, but not at David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair. With a lineup of over 100 weekly exercise classes, there’s always something to keep you engaged. Whether you’re into intense cardio sessions or prefer the calming effect of yoga and Pilates, the range of options ensures that boredom is kept at bay. Plus, with the David Lloyd Clubs app, booking your next class is just a tap away.

Splish-Splash: Swimming Pools Galore

Who wouldn’t love a refreshing dip after an intense workout? With both indoor and outdoor pools, swimmers can practice their strokes or relax in a leisurely manner. The outdoor pool, particularly during summer, offers a delightful experience, ensuring members can make the most of the sunny Scottish days.

Relax and Rejuvenate: The Luxurious Spa

The focus on wellness doesn’t end with workouts. The spa facilities at Shawfair are designed for those who seek a holistic approach to health. From heated spa pools to rejuvenating saunas and steam rooms, it’s the perfect space to unwind and recover after a tough workout session.

Game, Set, Match: Tennis Courts and Coaching

Tennis enthusiasts, rejoice! Whether you’re a novice hoping to learn the basics or a seasoned player aiming to hone your skills, the tennis facilities here cater to all. And if you’re looking to diversify, the club even offers Padel – the racquet game that’s fast gaining popularity.

A Family Affair: Kids Activities and Crèche

David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair is not just for adults. With a host of kids’ activities, from athletics and football to innovative sessions like Scooter Squad and Science Squad, younger members are in for a treat. Additionally, the on-site crèche ensures that parents can enjoy their workouts without any worries, knowing their children are in safe hands.

Getting to David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair

Nestled in the community development of Shawfair in Dalkeith, Midlothian, the club is easily accessible. With free on-site parking and local bus stops nearby, members can conveniently make their way to the club.

A Glimpse into Other David Lloyd Clubs in Edinburgh

While Shawfair offers a comprehensive experience, David Lloyd has two other clubs in Edinburgh – one near the serene Ocean Terminal in Newhaven and the other in the bustling Corstorphine area. Each club has its unique offerings, ensuring members have a varied experience no matter where they go.


David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair is more than just a gym. It’s a community. With top-notch facilities, dedicated trainers, and a plethora of activities, it promises an all-rounded experience for every member. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a parent looking for engaging activities for your child, or someone who enjoys a game of tennis now and then, David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair has something for everyone.

If you need more information check their official website

What is David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair?

David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair is a comprehensive health club located in the community development of Shawfair in Dalkeith, Midlothian. It offers a state-of-the-art gym, various exercise classes, swimming facilities, a luxurious spa, tennis courts, and activities for kids.

Are there personal trainers available at the gym?

Yes, expert Personal Trainers are available to help you tailor your workouts and provide guidance for optimal results.

Can I take a tour of the facility before joining?

Absolutely! You can book a slot, and the friendly team at Reception will show you around all the excellent facilities.

Are there any swimming facilities?

Yes, David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair boasts both indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools. You can enjoy year-round swimming irrespective of the weather.

I’m interested in tennis. What facilities do you offer?

The club has excellent tennis courts for social matches and offers expert coaching for both adults and children. They also provide Padel, a popular racquet game.

Do they offer any classes or activities for children?

Yes, the club has a variety of activities for children, ranging from athletics and football to unique sessions like the Scooter Squad and Science Squad. Tennis and swimming coaching programmes are also available for children.

Is there parking available at the club?

Yes, there is free on-site parking available for members and visitors. Additionally, local buses stop nearby, making it convenient for those using public transport.

Are there other David Lloyd clubs in Edinburgh?

Yes, besides Shawfair, David Lloyd has two other clubs in Edinburgh. One is located near Ocean Terminal in Newhaven and the other in Corstorphine.

What are the opening hours for David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair?

The club is open from 06:00 to 22:00, but it’s always a good idea to check their website or call ahead in case of any changes to the schedule.

Can I bring a guest to the club?

Guest policies vary, so it’s recommended to check with the club directly about bringing guests. There might be guest passes or specific days where guests are allowed.

Do I need to book in advance for exercise classes?

While walk-ins might be accommodated depending on availability, it’s advised to book your classes in advance using the David Lloyd Clubs app to secure your spot.

Is the club family-friendly?

Absolutely! David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair welcomes members of all ages. They offer family-specific facilities, a crèche, kids’ activities, and coaching.

How can I contact David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair?

You can reach out to them at phone number: 0131 3882440 or email: [email protected].

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