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Per Month (Unlimited training, In Club Wi-Fi, énergie Fitness App)£29.99
Joining Fee£10.00


Per Month (Unlimited Training, In Club Wi-Fi, Énergie Fitness App, Freeze Membership Anytime, Blast Classes, Core Classes, Signature Classes Inc Thé Yard 2.0, Book Classes 7 Days In Advance, Unlimited Access To Énergie Online, Multi-Club Access, Entertainment While You Train, Bring A Friend 2X Times Per Month, Discounts, Offers & Rewards)£35.99
Joining Fee£10.00


Per Month (Unlimited Training, In Club Wi-Fi, Énergie Fitness App, Freeze Membership Anytime, Blast Classes, Core Classes, Signature Classes Inc Thé Yard 2.0, Book Classes 7 Days In Advance, Unlimited Access To Énergie Online, Multi-Club Access, Entertainment While You Train, Bring A Friend 2X Times Per Month, Discounts, Offers & Rewards, Monthly 1:1 Goal Setting Session, Myzone Mz-3 Heart Rate Tracker Worth £129.99, 12 Week Body Transformation Programme)£49.99
Joining Fee£10.00

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Your Essential Guide to Energie Fitness Gym Memberships

With affordable pricing, convenient locations, and many amenities, Energie Fitness aims to make getting healthily enjoyable across the UK. This article explores Energie Fitness gym memberships – from costs and amenities to deciding if it meets your needs.

Overview of Energie Fitness Gym Locations

Energie Fitness continues growing across the UK with over 100 locations featuring premium facilities and thousands of group exercise classes weekly. Sites exist across England, Wales, and Scotland with concentrations in:

  • Greater London Area
  • West Midlands
  • Greater Manchester
  • Tyne and Wear

Most clubs reside in bustling city or community centers close to shops and businesses. Expect a modern, vibrant aesthetic with an emphasis on group training zones and specialty equipment. Locate your nearest Energie Fitness via their gym finder tool online.

Breakdown of Energie Fitness Membership Costs

Energie Fitness provides flexible memberships to accommodate budgets and fitness habits:

Standard Membership

The traditional option grants full 24/7 gym and class access. Monthly fees vary from approximately £20-45 depending on location, peak vs off-peak access, and your contract length. Expect potential join fees too.

Student & Teacher Membership

Those in college, university or select professions qualify for reduced rates – usually 50%+ % off normal pricing. Valid ID proves eligibility for the discount. Expect fees from £10-25 monthly.

Corporate Membership

Energie Fitness and select partner company employees gain privileged rates, which could mean up to 35% off standard pricing. Employers sponsor discounted access as a work perk.

When evaluating cost, consider all fees like annual, registration, and your willingness to commit to any ongoing contract. Energie Fitness allows flexible terms to suit needs and budgets through different memberships.

Amenities to Expect at Energie Fitness

While offerings vary slightly from club to club, expect diverse world-class facilities:

Cardio Machines

The latest equipment from Technogym and LifeFitness features touchscreens, internet, and entertainment options. Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, steppers and more accommodate all cardio training.

Strength Equipment

Free weights, Plate-loaded machines, resistance bands/tubes, and multipurpose rigs enable strength building. Regularly updated gear means you always train with what’s best – be it Olympic bars, squat racks, benches, etc.

Group Exercise Studios

With special flooring and surround sound systems, studios host 50+ classes weekly like yoga, cycling, HIIT, dance, etc. Led by qualified instructors, classes provide community motivation.

Luxury Changing Rooms

Spacious individual showers, vanity areas, lockers, and high-end amenities make prepping for your session easy. Expect complimentary toiletries, hairdryers, ironing equipment and more.

Specialized Equipment

Unique offerings like versa climbers, speed flex machines, skill mill trainers, virtual classes, and heavy boxing bags let you take your training further. Sites also have physiotherapy equipment.

So at Energie Fitness, the premium facilities motivate you each visit while accommodating all training needs. Additional amenities like juice bars, spas, or courts diversify options at some gyms too. Expect a smooth user experience each session.

Personal Training and Instruction

Get customized fitness experiences through:

Energie Coaches

Their specialized coaches offer training, nutrition, and lifestyle advice tailored to your goals whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or overall wellness. Feel invested in personalized plans.

Class Instructors

High-energy instructors who specialize in areas like HIIT, yoga, pilates, dance, and cycling lead classes daily. Their guidance makes hitting new PRs during fun workouts easy.

Personal Trainers

If you want dedicated 1-on-1 training, certified personal trainers create customized workout routines and diet guidance based on your aspirations. Convenient booking and fair fees that motivate.

So you gain access to qualified professionals who provide elite fitness support at each step – ensuring you have the plans, accountability, and knowledge to realize your potential.

Typical Member Experience at Energie Fitness

You check-in swiftly thanks to your membership card then change in clean private changing rooms – storing valuables securely in digital lockers. Heading to the weightlifting platform you add 45lb plates for heavy squats, with instructors advising technique. For cardio, you run sprints on the track using a heart rate monitor to maximize training.

Needing a boost, you take an energetic cycle class led by motivating fitness instructors – the stadium setup gets your endorphins flowing. End your session by relaxing sore muscles in the luxury spa lounge area while drinking provided protein shakes for muscle recovery.

The combination of diverse training zones, expertise/guidance, and premium amenities makes daily workouts both rewarding and effective. You now have an affordable option to pursue any fitness goal.

So in summary, with accessible membership rates plus world-class facilities/staff, Energie Fitness provides an opportunity to get healthy on your terms. Evaluate your local gym to see if the offerings match your fitness needs. Expect an uplifting environment focused on community, expertise, and real results backed by their unconditional “happy guarantee”.

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