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Monthly Memberships

Pre-Opening Offer

Joining Fee (Per Person) (Pre-Opening Offer)£15.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Pre-Opening Offer)£17.99

Regular Monthly

Joining Fee (Per Person) (Regular Monthly)£15.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Regular Monthly)£22.99

All Club Access

Joining Fee (Per Person) (All Club Access)£15.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (All Club Access)£26.99

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PureGym – The UK’s Favorite Budget-Friendly Fitness Chain

With its no-frills gym facilities and flexible membership options, PureGym has revolutionized fitness in the UK. Learn how the rapidly expanding low-cost gym chain is making quality exercise accessible across Britain.

The Origins and Rise of PureGym

PureGym first opened its doors in 2009 under founder and CEO Peter Roberts. A trained surveyor turned leisure entrepreneur, Roberts recognized the potential for affordable, 24/7 fitness centers as the concept gained popularity abroad.

He launched the first PureGym in Leeds, soon adding branches in Manchester, Wolverhampton and Edinburgh. The accessible membership fees, extensive opening times and streamlined gym floors with functional equipment struck a chord with the public.

PureGym witnessed rapid growth as investors poured £20 million into the brand by 2015. The funding fueled ambitious national expansion goals to serve fitness seekers wanting value for money.

Just two years later in 2017, PureGym acquired rival budget gym chain LA Fitness. The merger deal included the addition of over 70 LA Fitness locations being rebranded under the PureGym name.

Today, PureGym operates over 250 gyms across Britain. With ongoing expansion projects in the pipeline, the company is on track to hit its target of 300+ UK fitness centers in the near future.

Accessible Gym Locations Across the UK

A driving ethos behind PureGym is improving access to fitness – especially in underserved communities. As such, PureGym strategically establishes clubs in both urban city areas as well as suburban residential neighborhoods.

Members can find their nearest PureGym in locales like:

  • City centers
  • Retail parks/shopping centers
  • Business districts
  • University campuses
  • Residential areas

With so many conveniently located branches nationwide, PureGym minimizes barriers to exercise by being available right in members’ communities.

Functional Fitness Floors

Stepping into any PureGym location reveals large, open-concept gym floors outfitted with practical equipment. True to PureGym’s no-frills model, the focus lies on providing what members actually need for productive training.

Members have access to three core zones:

Cardio Zone

This area houses PureGym’s lineup of cardiovascular machines like:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical cross-trainers
  • Exercise bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • Stair climbers

The Cardio Zone lets members train in aerobic endurance while monitoring key stats like distance, pace, calories burned, and heart rate displayed on each machine.

Strength Training Zone

Here members find equipment for building muscle and increasing power:

  • Barbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight plates
  • Resistance machines
  • Multi-functional rigs
  • Benches

With ample free weights and strength apparatus, members can push their fitness limits.

Functional Training Zone

This space provides tools for full-body movements that mimic everyday activities and improve overall fitness:

  • TRX suspension trainers
  • Medicine balls
  • Foam rollers
  • BOSU balls
  • Agility ladders
  • Battle ropes

The collection bolsters members’ coordination, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Studio Space for Group Exercise

While PureGym focuses predominantly on self-directed workouts, select branches supplement the gym floor with studio spaces for instructor-led group fitness classes.

These sessions add an extra dimension of guidance, camaraderie and accountability to keep members motivated. Class types range from dance-inspired workouts to hardcore HIIT training.

Some PureGyms also incorporate indoor swimming pools for aqua aerobics classes along with saunas for post-workout relaxation.

Personal Training Packages

Members seeking more dedicated coaching can enroll in PureGym’s personal training packages. One-on-one and small group training options allow closer guidance towards goals with sessions booked based on availability.

PureGym also offers virtual personal training – especially useful for those wanting remote accountability and direction. Members connect online with qualified trainers who provide customized programming plus real-time feedback during home workouts.

Digital Capabilities and Mobile App

PureGym integrates technology to augment members’ experiences. Members can access online workout demonstrations to practice activities safely. through step-by-step video guidance.

Additionally, PureGym’s mobile app enables members to:

  • Locate gyms with gym floor plans
  • Book classes and training
  • Access on-demand workouts
  • Track fitness progress
  • Manage memberships digitally

This allows members to take their fitness journeys on mobile.

Member-Focused Facilities

While no-frills in its design, PureGym does incorporate select amenities to directly aid members, including:

Changing Rooms and Showers

All clubs feature changing areas with showers for freshening up pre/post-session. Some branches also provide towel service.

Fitness Apparel and Accessories

PureGym has on-site retail sections for must-have gym staples from water bottles to wireless headphones. Members can shop for workout necessities without leaving their fitness hub.

Cafe and Juice Bars

Many locations incorporate nutritious cafes and juice stations to refuel before or after training. Convenient protein snacks and shakes help members restore.

24/7 Access

Staying open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a PureGym trademark. This flexibility lets members exercise on their own schedules – whether 5 AM before work or 10 PM after overtime.

Budget-Friendly Membership Options

Central to PureGym’s appeal is the affordability and value permeating all membership tiers:

Standard Memberships

This foundational package allows full access to designated gyms during all operating hours for a low monthly fee. Perfect for regular gym-goers who know their main club.

Local Multi-Site Memberships

For those wanting to mix up workout locales, PureGym lets members opt into local bundles granting access to all clubs within a defined area for a small upgrade fee.

National Multi-Site Memberships

PureGym also offers countrywide memberships for complete mobility. Members can enter any UK PureGym as their “home gym” no matter where travels take them.

No-Contract Memberships

Non-committal month-to-month memberships allow members to cancel anytime with notice and no termination penalty fees.

Student and Corporate Memberships

PureGym maintains discounted partnerships with universities and companies to offer exclusive membership rates for large groups.

Flexible Membership Management

PureGym enables members to easily:

  • Freeze memberships temporarily for travel, injury etc.
  • Reactivate frozen accounts
  • Update personal and payment details
  • Add guest access
  • Cancel memberships with short notice

This approach puts control in members’ hands.

Ongoing National Growth

PureGym retains ambitious expansion goals for the coming years, planning to operate 500 UK gym locations by 2025.

This buildout will further increase PureGym’s footprint – especially within residential areas to foster community wellness. More subsidized corporate and student memberships will also make fitness more financially viable across demographics.

By eliminating prohibitive gym fees and environments, PureGym lives up to its motto of making fitness accessible for all.

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