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Class Packs

Soulcycle Starter Unlimited ∞ Classes (Expires In 14 Days)£50.00
New Rider 1 Class (Expires In 30 Days)£16.00
Soulcycle Student 1 Class (Expires In 30 Days)£18.00
Soulcycle Starter 3 Classes (Expires In 60 Days)£50.00
Soulcycle 1 Class (Expires In 30 Days)£26.00
Soulcycle 5 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£125.00
Soulcycle 10 Classes (Expires In 3 Months)£230.00
Soulcycle 20 Classes (Expires In 9 Months)£440.00
Soulcycle 30 Classes (Expires In 12 Months)£630.00
Supersoul 5 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£200.00
Supersoul 25 Classes (Expires In 6 Months)£1000.00
Supersoul 50 Classes (Expires In 12 Months)£2000.00


4 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£86.00
8 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£160.00
12 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£228.00
16 Classes (Expires In 30 Days)£295.00

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Pedal Your Way to Fitness at SoulCycle London

SoulCycle has captivated fitness enthusiasts in the US with its high-energy indoor cycling workouts set to pumping music. Now expanding across the Atlantic to launch its first two UK studios in London, Brits can soon experience these thrilling “cardio parties” set in darkened rooms lit by candlelight.

This article will detail everything you can expect from the total SoulCycle experience available at their new London locations, including:

  • rider setup and in-studio amenities
  • structure of signature 45 and 60 minute cycling classes
  • details on pricing tiers and membership options
  • tips to maximize your workouts and account features
  • additional programs like retail purchases and training offerings
  • and answers to frequently asked questions before joining

Ready to learn how SoulCycle’s inspirational coaches and curated music playlists can take your cardio fitness to all-new heights? Read on for an inside look at the UK’s hottest new boutique gym.

SoulCycle Studio and Class Setup Details

SoulCycle studios provide a one-of-a-kind fitness environment from the moment you walk through their graffiti-filled neon-lit hallways into the cycling studio. Here’s an overview of what to expect inside:

  • Changing rooms – Lockers, showers, amenities to freshen up pre/post class
  • Cycling studio – Specifically designed room with SoulCycle bikes, candlelit darkness, pumping surround sound
  • SoulCycle bikes – Stationary cycles with weighted flywheels, adjustable seats, and clip-in cycling shoes
  • Instructor podium – Center stage where motivational instructors coach class
  • Welcome greeting – Instructors meet first-timers pre-class to set bikes properly
  • Cycle positioning – Experts ensure seats, handlebars, and shoe clip-ins fit riders correctly
  • Water bottles – Complimentary chilled water and towels provided
  • Retail shop –Fitness apparel, accessories, gear available for purchase

Now let’s break down the structure of SoulCycle’s intense 45 and 60-minute cycling sessions.

SoulCycle Class Breakdown and Structure

SoulCycle isn’t your average stationary bike class – it fuses cardio, strength training, mind-body elements, and inspirational coaching into each session. Classes follow this general format:

  • Warm up – Gentle cycling while muscles acclimate and heart rate elevates
  • Build-ups – Accelerating speed and resistance levels, sprints, climbs
  • Arms and core – Light hand weights and bodyweight exercises like crunches off the bike
  • Jog backs – Seated or standing light resistance jogging
  • Rockbacks – Intense intervals leaning back holding light weights for arm sculpting
  • Cool down – Gradual decrease in tempo allowing muscles to stretch and unwind
  • Stretch – Yoga-inspired stretches while on the bikes and foam rolling off them

SoulCycle isn’t focused on distance, speed, or competing with others around you. With the lights down low and music pumping, it becomes a personal journey pushing your inner athlete. Expert instructors offer inspiration and encouragement from their weekly theme-based playlists selected to elevate and energize.

You can expect to burn between 400 to 800 calories per 45-minute class while building cardio endurance and lean muscle mass. Bring a towel and water to stay hydrated as you sweat.

SoulCycle Memberships and Booking Details

SoulCycle offers tiered monthly memberships based on the number of classes desired, automatically renewed monthly until canceled. New riders can also purchase single-class sessions:

  • 1-classes per month – Includes additional member perks
  • 4-classes per month
  • 8-classes per month – Most popular
  • 12 / 15 / 20 classes per month – Discounted rates
  • Single classes – Pre-book or walk-in subject to availability

While cycling classes are guaranteed in your home “Soul studio”, you can book sessions at any SoulCycle location worldwide should you be traveling or visiting the other London studio at no extra charge.

Sign into your account online or use the mobile app to browse locations and class times up to one week in advance. Reserve your bike 24 hours before each desired session or earlier for high-demand weekend slots. Waitlists open up once sessions become fully committed.

Maximizing Your SoulCycle Membership

Once signed up for regular SoulCycle classes, here are tips for getting the most out of your cycling sessions and account membership perks:

  • Arrive early – Set up your bike properly to settle in, and meet/greet instructors and regular riders that become your “Soul fam”.
  • Come hydrated – Drink 16 oz of water pre-class and bring more to sip as needed through intense intervals.
  • Skip meals – Eat light fuel like fruit/yogurt an hour or two pre-class rather than heavy meals that limit performance.
  • Clip shoes securely – Firm connection allows optimal energy transfer while pedaling. Alert staff immediately if foot discomfort.
  • Focus on form – Keep chest lifted, shoulders back, core tight. Posture prevents pain/injury.
  • Ride consistently – Attend 2 to 3 times a week to increase cardio fitness, leg strength, and endurance gains.
  • Vary efforts – Alternate between high-resistance climbs and “jog backs” to keep challenging different abilities.
  • Book early – Schedule classes you want as far in advance as possible to secure your bike as they do sell out.
  • Use perks – Member discounts on retail items, complimentary late cancels, guest passes, and milestone celebration gifts.

Retail Products and Training Offerings

Beyond cycling sessions, SoulCycle studios offer an array of branded performance apparel, gear, and specialty training as add-ons:

  • Apparel – Leggings, shorts, tanks, tees, and sweats perfect for high sweat classes in fun prints and colors.
  • Equipment – Phenom bags, light weights, towels, water bottles, and heart rate monitors.
  • Men’s line – Styles created specifically for male clientele to match women’s items.
  • Bike shoes – Clip cycling shoes available for purchase or rental.
  • Instructor training – SoulCycle offers a competitive apprenticeship program to audition and train as a future instructor.
  • Health coaching – Some studios have certified health coaches available for private consulting.

Contact Details

Soul-Cycle Website
Soul-Cycle Facebook
Soul-Cycle Instagram
Soul-Cycle Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some lingering questions before joining the high-energy thrill ride of SoulCycle London, here are answers to common FAQs:

How early should I arrive?

At least 20 minutes before class starts secure bike of choice, change clothes, and set up properly.

What do I wear?

Form-fitting athletic layers that wick sweat. Avoid loose clothes that can be caught on bikes. Cycling shoes are required.

Can I bring a friend?

es, first-timers get one free guest pass. Members receive guest passes based on membership tier to gift friends.

Will seats accommodate plus sizes?

Yes, staff ensure bikes are properly fitted for all shapes/sizes with adjustable seats, handlebar distance, and clips.

I’m pregnant/have an injury. Can I still ride?

Discuss with your doctor then talk to instructors about any modifications needed to still enjoy classes safely.

How many London studios are there? 

Currently two – one in Covent Garden and one in Canary Wharf with potential for future expansion.

Do you have to pre-book?

Booking ensures your bike/spot is guaranteed in the class otherwise subject to availability if walk in.

What is the cancellation/no-show policy?

Late cancels are allowed based on tier. All no-shows and late arrivals forfeit class passes from membership.

With two London studio locations featuring stadium seating cycling rooms filled with more than 50 high-energy riders getting their sweat on with inspiring coaches – SoulCycle brings a cardio experience unlike any other.

Visit during open houses or book a test ride to see why they have the most engaged community delivering transformative mind-body results set to candlelit fitness parties. We’ll see you on the Soul bike!

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