Fitness Membership Tips

Joining a gym or fitness center can be a great way to improve your health. However, finding the right gym and membership plan amid the maze of choices out there today can feel overwhelming. Use this guide covering gym selection, cost savings, membership terms, amenities, motivation tips, and frequently asked membership questions to make fitness facility membership work best for your needs.

Choosing a Gym That’s Right for You

Your Goals

First consider what your fitness goals are. Different facilities cater to different interests:

  • Losing weight? Look for gyms with a range of cardio machines as well as classes focused on calorie burn in aerobics, spinning, kickboxing etc.
  • Building strength? Make sure the gym has extensive free weights, weight machines, squat racks and ideally areas for deadlifts, Olympic lifts etc.
  • General well-being and flexibility? Classes in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and stretch studios will allow you focus on non-resistance exercise modalities.

Location Convenience

Convenience of location should also be a top factor so that you actually go! Having gym right near home or work makes it easier to fit into your schedule rather than an extra drive across town.


Be realistic about what you can afford monthly for an individual or family fitness membership. Check group discounts you qualify through your employer or health insurance as well.

Cost Saving Tips for Gym Memberships

While joining a gym often requires an ongoing financial commitment, you don’t have to break the bank for access to great facilities and equipment! Here are money saving ideas:

Look for Special Promotions

Gyms frequently offer deals like waived signup fees, free personal training sessions, or first month free around the New Year when people make fitness resolutions or to boost summer attendance numbers.

Pay Upfront

Offer to pay for 6 months or a full year in advance in exchange for 10-20% off monthly costs. Not only do you save, but it commits you and the gym cash flow.

Investigate Corporate Rates

Larger companies will sometimes subsidize employees’ fitness center memberships or negotiate special discounted corporate rates.

Don’t Overpay Ongoing

Make sure to understand what happens after any introductory special expires. Lock in reasonable long-term recurring payment.

Key Membership Terms and Conditions Questions

Before entering any gym membership contract, get clear written answers on:

Exact Monthly/Annual Costs

Nail down precise dollar figures you’ll pay including taxes and fees over time.

Length Requirements

What is the minimum membership term? Can you quit anytime with 30 days notice? Annual contracts?

Penalty Clauses

If you move or want to cancel early, what if any termination or runout fees apply? Make sure they’re reasonable if so.

Guest and Child Policies

Can family come free or reduced rates? Are kids clubs available for when you exercise? Any limitations?

Top Gym Amenities To Seek Out

While every gym has basics like weights, treadmills and bikes, additional amenities can really enhance experience:

Group Fitness Classes

Great way to try new workouts and modalities led by skilled instructors especially included with membership.

Basketball/Racquetball Courts

Makes fitting in cardio fun by adding recreation if you enjoy competitive or non-traditional sports.


Water exercise, swimming laps, or just relaxing after a good workout check the aquatic options.

Personal Training

Even if added cost, discounted expert personal training provides extra motivation with customizable health programs.

Child Care Areas

Onsite child watch areas enable working out while kids have safe fun environment.

Staying Motivated for Ongoing Fitness Success

Beyond just joining a gym, employing motivation strategies helps ensure you keep attending regularly to hit health goals long-term:

Vary Your Routine

Mix up what exercise machines you use, weights vs cardio days, classes taken. Prevents boredom.

Set Reminders

Mark gym sessions on your calendar. Set phone alerts to keep scheduled workout times top of mind.

Track Progress

Seeing tangible improvement tracking cardio times, weights lifted or inches lost keeps you inspired to continuously push further.

Bring Friends

Exercising together makes fitness more fun and social. You also motivate each other not to skip sessions.

Challenge Yourself

Sign up for charity 5Ks, obstacle course races or century bike rides down the road to train towards an athletic goal.

Consider a Trainer

If needing extra nudge, a few sessions with a personal trainer helps develop excellent workout regimens plus accountability.

Check More Articles

How long are gym contracts?

Typical gym memberships run month-to month, 6 months, 1 year or indefinite auto renewing until you cancel with proper notice.

Can I freeze my membership for a while?

Many gyms allow putting memberships on hold for 1-3 months due to vacations, work travel or injuries while paying smaller monthly freeze fees.

If I move, can I transfer my membership?

Larger national chains often allow membership transfers between locations in different cities with minimal processing fees.

Can I bring a guest or my spouse?

Guest rules for friends vary widely at gyms but additional family members on plans generally affordable.

Are gym contracts negotiable on rates or terms?

Yes! Especially for month-to-month or paid in full terms, you can definitely negotiate gym pricing or policies.

Following these fitness membership tips selecting the right gym with fair rates, ideal amenities and ongoing motivation means you’ll gain immense mental and physical health returns on your wise investment for years to come!

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