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Every day, people around the world, walk towards the nearest Burger King, to have a whole Whopper or chicken nuggets. Yeah, mouth-watering, we know! But then again, you need to focus on the “Burger King menu Price.” You might end up ordering something out of your pocket since the food here is so good!

The Burger King Corporation and the restaurant company were initially specified in framed fast food, which made flame-broiled fast-food hamburgers. Burger King or simple BK is the second-largest hamburger chain in the United States, taking after McDonald’s. At the beginning of the 21st century, Burger King announced over 14,000 stored in over 100 countries. Hence, for your knowledge, the headquarters are in Miami, Florida. 

We will talk a little more about the Burger King Company before moving forward onto the “Burger King Menu price.”

According to the Burger King Company, it was established in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami. Some other sources say that Burger King traces to the Insta Burger King, a venture founded in Jacksonville, Florida, by Matthew Burns and Keith Kramer in late 1953. Hence, both McLamore and Edgerton sold their initial franchise in 1959. Then, soon Burger King became a national chain. Moreover, in 1963, the company expanded outside the United States with its first international store in Puerto Rico. 

Throughout several decades, the ownership of the Burger King went on to multiple hands and corporate governance. In late 1967, the Burger King was sold to Pillsbury. Then, in the late 1970s, the company was sold to Donald N. Smith, a former executive of McDonald’s. He then realized Burger King and expanded the menu. Later, the Burger King passed on to Diageo, and subsequently, it was sold to a private equity financiers’ consortium in 2002. 

Then in 2010, it passed onto a Brazilian Billionaire named Jorge Paulo Lemann. Later in 2014, the company chain acquired its world fame.

Well, the ultimate Burger King Menu changed throughout these changes in administration. But, still, it did not bring any adverse effect to the popularity of the company. We will talk about the items in the Burger King menu at present.

What is a Whopper Sandwich?

Yeah, this is like the most famous sandwich bun in the entire Burger King chain. A giant hamburger is what the Whopper bun is, and it is the signature product of the BK as a whole. According to official records, the whopper bun was introduced in 1957, which was the time when there were only small hamburgers at its competitors. Moreover, this chain took a new routine when they added hot dogs to the menu in 2016. 

Back in 2009, Burger King introduced its brand new Whopper Bar and named it as the most “playful” variation on the stable Burger King Reputation standards. A typical Whopper Bar features a semi-circular metal counterpart that surrounds an open kitchen. Clients can sit on the bar stools kept in the front and enjoy watching their food being made. Whopper bars provide many different peculiar toppings for your basic whopper bun. These toppings vary according to your choice, and you can try bacon, guacamole, BBQ sauce, crispy onions, and many more! 

The best part is, a Whopper does not cost much. There are so many types of Whoppers beginning from 2 dollars to 5 dollars, or 6 dollars, maybe! Yes, these sandwiches are from Burger King’s special recipe. Everything is unique, so your dollars are worth a lot!

There are plenty in airports, casinos, shopping malls, and many other places if you want to find a whopper bar. If the site is an airport, enjoying a whopper at a whopper bar is the best way to get rid of the frustration you get when your plane is late.

The Ultimate Burger King Essential Whopper Sandwich 

The Essential WHopper is the basic whopper in the Burger King. This ultimate food contains a 1/4 lb. of juicy beef topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes, followed by creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, tangy and crunchy pickles. Then, there are also white onions on a tender sesame seed bun. 

Well, the ultimate essential Whopper Sandwich’s recipe is a final secret. But this is the basic Whopper recipe that will enable you to make a whopper bun at home easily. Yes, whopper with grilled meat is fun. So, then here is the basic whopper recipe we have.


• Sesame seed hamburger bun

• Ground beef

• Pickle slices

• Salt

• Ketchup

• Tomato slices and onion rings

• Mayonnaise

• Iceberg lettuce


• First, season the ground beef with salt and pepper and form it into patties. Next, butter the whopper buns and it in a skillet until lightly browned and set aside. Heat a grill to medium-high heat temperature and cook the burger for about two to three minutes. While preparing the Burger buns, dash a pinch of salt to the burger.

Now, build the burger by placing the meat on the bottom bun, and then add three to four dill pickle slices. Next, place the onion rings and the few tomato slices. Now, squirt a little bit of ketchup onto the burger and add lettuce. Finally, spread some mayonnaise onto the top bun sandwich and place it over the bottom built sandwich.

The nutrition you get from having a Burger King essential whopper Bun is as given below.

• Calories: 526kcal 

• Protein: 24g

• Calories: 526kcal 

• Saturated Fat: 10g 

• Cholesterol: 86mg

• Potassium: 446mg

• Sodium: 988mg 

• Fiber: 1g

• Sugar: 7g

• Vitamin C: 2.1mg

• Vitamin A: 115IU

• Iron: 3.8mg

• Calcium: 106mg

Wait; we still have food items to discuss before moving to the price! Yeah, there is time, people! So, wait, these food items will just blow your mind out! Thus, most importantly, these food items are in all food packages.

French fries 

Yeah, a typical French fry is a piece of potato cut into sticks and deep-fried until it turns golden brown. Then, it is the final stage, seasonings! No one can ever go wrong with potatoes when it serves as a side dish. Mostly, vegetables come as Classic French fries at Burger King’s with whopper buns. 

French fries are super light, crispy, and, most importantly, full of flavor. You will not get frozen fries fried to a golden brown, but instead, you get fresh fries right from the natural potatoes. These fresh fries are refreshing, and the freshness factor is out with confidence. 

Nothing to doubt here!

A pack of French fries varies according to two sizes, small and large scale. These French fries boxes range from 1 dollar to about 3 dollars. So, it is definitely worth it! It is because you get to choose your own seasonings and flavors. 

The price is fair and cheap!

The process BK uses to make their unique classic French fries starts with natural Russet potatoes. Then, they are peeled and cut into strips and soaked in water. This soaking in water removes extra starch. Then the vegetables are directly transferred into the deep fryer. First, these potato strips are fried under low heat and then at a higher temperature. Then, as the final stage, they add a few seasonings, such as salt, pepper, or flake chili.

If you want to try making these at home, then here is a tip shared with us. But, the point is, BK is unique. So, are you! There is no way one is doing someone else’s techniques, but you can get something unique to your hand. We hope these tips will be helpful and useful.

So, these tips are,

• You can make Classic French fries tasting similar to BK’s one by using Russet potatoes. You will not get the same classical French fries to eat or the texture from using other types of potatoes.

• Cut your fries into smaller size strips so that all pieces cook at the same rate equally.

• You can just keep your unpeeled or even peeled like in the Burger King. Some people adjust the recipe according to their choice. So, this tip is followed by your choice.

• Most importantly, make sure you dry your potatoes after they are soaked in water and come out from it. If there is water left on the stripped potatoes can result in spatter hot oil while they are frying. 

• Serve hot fries since Classical French fries can soften a bit as soon as they cool. If you want just to reheat your French fries, you can crisp them up at a 400 degree F oven.

Flavor variations in Classic Burger King French Fries

You can ask for all different types of seasonings for your fries to customize your French fries with the whopper sandwich.

• Garlic Butter – This flavor is a combination of butter with fresh garlic and some chopped parsley. 

• Mexican fries are a combination of paprika, chili powder, cumin, and salt with equal portions of garlic powder, onion powder, and oregano. Or sometimes, this French fry flavor is called Taco flavor too.

• Jerk fries – This is the ultimate Caribbean French fries flavor. This is made using dried thyme, pepper, and salt combined with sugar, paprika, cayenne pepper, and allspice. Finally, equal amounts of cinnamon, garlic powder, and cumin bring the Caribbean Jerk.

• Cajun fries – This is a seasoning made using a blend of Cajun spice. Usually, this spice includes paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and dried oregano. This final touch includes adding a little amount of dried thyme.


Yeah, this is the final key element in a typical Burger King Package. According to the official Burger king website, this is a tiny bite that contains a humongous flavor. Burger King chicken nugget is a bite of chicken made with tender and well seasoned white meat. The bite-sized chicken nuggets are lightly coated with a seasoned that is like the homemade style. Then, the chicken is ready for dipping into their bold or classic sauces.

The Burger King Deals menu features a four-piece chicken nuggets pack. Hence, chicken nuggets are available on the regular list in 20 pieces, ten pieces, or even six pieces of chicken nuggets pack. If you want to make chicken nuggets a complete meal, add some French fries, golden onion rings, and a fountain drink. 

So no extra hunger troubles!

You have a full meal just with chicken nuggets and some other tiny things! And the price of nuggets varies from 3 dollars to 10 dollars. Yes, these are like the lowest prices you could find for nuggets. Then, go for it! This is worth your wallet, and there is no place to eat Burger King’s nuggets too!

Nutrients you gain by eating Burger King Chicken Nuggets

There are many essential nutrients present in nuggets. According to nutritionists, nuggets are a great source of protein. Hence, these nuggets are especially useful for kids at the age of growing fast. You might think that nuggets are deep-fried, so it is not suitable for health. But, the truth is, it is ideal for your health. Here, the point is, there are limits for everything, so you need to know the spot to stop. Then, you will not reach the point of ‘excess’ where you will not end up getting any diseases.

• Calories – 170

• Protein – 9g

• Carbohydrates – 9g

• Sugar – 0g

• Fat – 11.5g

• Saturated Fat – 2g

• Trans Fat – 2g

• Cholesterol – 25mg

• Sodium – 320mg

Yeah, though Burger King home delivers, it is not easy to get every bit of food delivered to your place. Sometimes, there will be no delivery to your area, so sometimes there might be other reasons. So, in this kind of case, it is better to get your hands dirty, not literary. What we mean is, start working on making your favorite face food treats at home.

Here, we are going to discuss making homemade Burger King’s chicken nuggets.

You need, 

• Chicken (obviously)

• Flour

• Corn flour

• Garlic powder

• Eggs

• Onion powder

• Salt and pepper


• Blend your chicken in a food processor and add salt and pepper. Now, we have the fun part. You have to shape the meat into the shape of Burger King’s last signature nugget’s form. Or, if you want to be creative, then shape it with your hand in any way you like, something that makes a fun appetite. Freeze the shaped nuggets for about two hours.

• Now make the mixture of the dry elements. Combine flour, cornflour, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt and pepper. Next, make the wet element mixture. You make this by mixing eggs with water and salt and pepper. 

• Next, dip the nuggets in the dry mixer followed by the wet dip, then drop again. Now it is time to fry the nuggets. Add some oil onto the frying pan and place the chicken nuggets on the frying pan. Then toss the nuggets side over the side a few times to stop sticking to the pan. And that is everything!

Now we have covered all the essential information. So, we are ready to move onto the main topic of this article. Then, welcome to the grand opening of “Burger King Menu price.”

Burger King Menu Price

There are many offers and deals at Burger King every day. This list is the complete Burger King Menu, and there is nothing more or less. You get to eat all your favorite fast food treats for low prices, but BK’s unique taste is found in every bite. If you want to get the authentic nature of Burger King, go for a Burger King and get the original taste right.

We are bringing you the prices of all the meals offered at BK this year,2020. And for the hot news, now the nuggets game has upped, so you can eat 8 breaded chicken nuggets for just one dollar. This offer is available in all Burger King Branches throughout the world, and the deal advertisement is on Facebook.

Then there are other offers and deals too. We have listed them out below with the prices.
  1. • Impossible Whopper Meal for two for 8.99 dollars – You get two impossible Whopper sandwiches, two small French Fries packs, and not just that. You also get two low soft drinks.
  2. • Family Bundle for 12.99 dollars- This package includes three whopper sandwiches, three cheeseburgers, and three packs of French fries. You will not get drinks included in the box, but you can buy them as excluded products. 
  3. • Whopper Meal for Two for 8.99 dollars – This is one of the ultimate wonders for two offered at Burger King’s. This meal is just 8.99 dollars, and it includes two flame-grilled whoppers, two small French fries packs, and two soft drinks. This package is similar to the “Impossible deal,” but still, this offers flame-grilled whoppers.
  4. • The Whopper meal for 5 dollars – This is a one-person treat. It is just five dollars, and you get a whopper sandwich, one small French fries, and a small soft drink.
  5. • Double Original chicken sandwich and small double fries for 4.99 dollars – This meal offers you two original chicken sandwiches and two small French fries packs.
  6. • Whopper JR. Meal for two for 5 dollars – This meal package has two whoppers Jr. sandwiches, two small French fries packs, and two low soft drinks. You can ask for your favorite Whopper Jr. flavor.
  7. • Croissan’wich Meal for two for just 5 dollars – This meal is a complete double meal consisting of two croissan’wich, two small hash browns, and two BK cafe coffees. According to customer reviews, this is the perfect meal for breakfast. You get the ultimate BK cafe coffee to start the day’s work with boosted energy.
  8. • Ten prices Nuggets and Large French fries pack for 3 dollars – This meal includes 10 chicken nuggets, and one large French fries pack that this meal is cheap. It’s totally worth it. You cannot find chicken nuggets less expensive than this anywhere else. So, this is like the best choice you could ever make in your life!
  9. • Large French Fries for 1 dollar – This is just a pack of French fries, but it totally worths since it is only a dollar. Moreover, you can even choose your favorite flavors as seasonings. So, you can buy these classic French fries and complete your meal by building your own menu!
  10. • Double Whopper Sandwich for 3 dollars – This three-dollar Whopper sandwich has flame-grilled double ground beef. So, isn’t it extraordinary? You get all your Whopper ingredients with two grilled meat slices! Next time, if you want to snack out, go to a Burger King and order a Double Whopper!
  11. • Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal for 5 dollars – This is a meal package, and it includes one crispy Chicken Sandwich, one small French fries and one small soft drink. You get a large fried crispy chicken in the middle of the sandwich, so what else do you want? French fries and soft drink to smooth the meal is a perfect combination. So, five dollars is worth it!
  12. • Double cheeseburger meal for 3 dollars – this is a complete lunch. You get a double cheeseburger with a small French fries pack and a small soft drink. This is definitely a tummy exploding lunch, and the glass brings the final touch to the meal with a smooth end!
  13. • Small Bacon King Combo Meal for 6 dollars – This meal is like the most popular combo in the entire Burger King chain. You get one large Bacon King whopper bun, one small French fries pack, and one small soft drink. You get so many different types of bacon inside this bacon king, so worth a try isn’t it?
  14. • Two biscuits meal for 4 dollars – This is a complete snacking meal. You get two BK biscuits, one small Hash brown, and a little BK cafe coffee. This meal even suits for a refreshing breakfast!
  15. • Two Bacon cheeseburgers meal for 4 dollars – This meal has two bacon cheeseburgers, one small French fries pack, and one small soft drink. This meal is perfect for a monstrous hunger or even a heavy eater. The cheeseburgers and the French fries make a perfect combination between every bite! And it’s totally worth it since it is just four dollars! Try this! 
  16. • Two whopper Jr. and two small French fries packs for 3.99 dollars – You get two whoppers Jr. Sandwiches with grilled meat inside and two small-sized French fries packs. You can choose between the flavors in the French fries. This meal is cheap for this price, and it is super good. If you want to share food with someone, then this one is a perfect choice!
  17. • Chicken fries and Large French fries for 3 dollars – This is a complete fried and chips treat. You get 9 chicken fries and a large French fries pack. Perfect for a movie treat, right! Also, this is like the best pick for snacking out! And the three dollars makes this cheaper than any expectations, and it fulfills your expectations for enjoying some quality time!
  18. • Original chicken sandwich meal for two for 7.99 dollars – This is a meal for two people, a double treat. You get two authentic chicken sandwiches, two small French fries packs, and two soft drinks. You can order this if you plan to lunch out with your friend. The chicken sandwich is quite large, so you can fill your tummy for hours.

These are all those meal packages that are available in the Burger King. All the prices are according to the US standard currency. Oh, wait, then there are these two other meals, but the prices are not available. We will just tell you about these packages on the menu. The first is Two Oreo Shakes that is generally sold for five dollars, and the other one is Bogo Whopper. 

Bogo Whoppers are unique because when you buy one, you get another one for free. Here, you get the buy one get one deal! 

Great, right?

Popular deals offered at the Burger King Menu price

We will talk a little more about some other deals offered at the Burger King. These deals are popular since these deals continue for so long. Hence, the ones mentioned here are still available. 

2 for 4 dollars and 2 for 5 Breakfast Mix and Match deal

This offer is one of the best continuing deals at Burger King. Now, you get the agreement doubled up with more meat and just for another single dollar. You can choose any two from the given list for only five dollars. 

• Sausage, Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit

• Double Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

• Double Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich

• Sausage, Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich

You can still order two for only four dollars of the one meat breakfast sandwiches, and it is a meal for four dollars after all!

2 for 6 dollar Mix and Match

This deal is like one of the latest ones Burger King came up with to implement. You get to choose two from the given list and just for six dollars. This offer even includes the Impossible whopper sandwich. Awesome, right?

• Whopper

• Impossible Whopper

• Crispy Chicken

• Spicy Chicken

• Big Fish

This offer is valid for all flame-grilled beef and chicken products that are in the above list. Hence, Fish buttons are also an extra plus!

A few final words…

After so many hardships and changes in everything, Burger King rules the world of restaurants and food lovers. Snacking out or having a family meal is a special occasion. More from that, people want to have Whoppers, the unique BK sandwiches, so there is nowhere else to find. You need to go to a Burger King for this reason! And our article about “Burger King Menu prices” is a total success! We bought you all the exclusive information about every single menu item prices here, so you will not miss any! Now it is your turn, get your wallet, check your credit card, even a single dollar could buy you something at Burger King’s. That is the authentic nature of the ultimate Burger King experience! Good luck! Enjoy the feast!

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