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Here are the latest and updated David Lloyd Harrogate Membership Prices


Standard (Best value Initial 12 calendar month term)

Diamond (Gives you unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club, plus access to selected other Clubs and facilities)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours / Racquets / @home digital / Monthly guest pass / Fresh towel / 10% Clubroom discount / 10% saving on kids courses / Enhanced booking / Multiple club access / Enjoy Spa Retreats

Per month£194.00
Joining fee£150.00

Platinum (Gives you unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club, plus access to selected other Clubs and facilities)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours / Racquets / @home digital / Monthly guest pass / Fresh towel / 10% Clubroom discount / 10% saving on kids courses / Enhanced booking / Multiple club access

Per month£119.00
Joining fee£120.00

Plus (Enjoy access to our facilities at any time, but you’ll miss out on access to racquets, exclusive spa facilities and Blaze classes)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours

Per month£89.00
Joining fee£120.00

Add your partner

Per month£59.00
Joining fee£120.00

Add your children (3 - 18 years)

Per month£29.00
Joining fee£10.00

Add your young children (0 - 2 years)

Per month£2.00
Joining fee£0.00

Flexible (Initial 3 calendar month term)

Diamond (Gives you unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club, plus access to selected other Clubs and facilities)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours / Racquets / @home digital / Monthly guest pass / Fresh towel / 10% Clubroom discount / 10% saving on kids courses / Enhanced booking / Multiple club access / Enjoy Spa Retreats

Per month£229.00
Joining fee£130.00

Platinum (Gives you unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club, plus access to selected other Clubs and facilities)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours / Racquets / @home digital / Monthly guest pass / Fresh towel / 10% Clubroom discount / 10% saving on kids courses / Enhanced booking / Multiple club access

Per month£139.00
Joining fee£130.00

Plus (Enjoy access to our facilities at any time, but you’ll miss out on access to racquets, exclusive spa facilities and Blaze classes)

Gym / Studios / Swimming Pools / Unrestricted hours

Per month£109.00
Joining fee£130.00

Add your partner

Per month£79.00
Joining fee£130.00

Add your children (3 - 18 years)

Per month£49.00
Joining fee£10.00

Add your young children (0 - 2 years)

Per month£2.00
Joining fee£0.00

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for estimation purposes only. This data has been collected from diverse sources, including online, on-site, and via phone. All the prices and information available on this website are averages and should be considered as rough estimates. To verify the most up-to-date information, please consult the official website.

Enjoy Premier Fitness and Leisure at David Lloyd Harrogate

Tucked away in the elegant North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate sits the impressive David Lloyd fitness and leisure club. With extensive facilities spanning a large country estate, this club offers far more than your average gym experience. Read on to discover the incredible amenities and inviting atmosphere that make David Lloyd Harrogate a premier destination for fitness, sports, relaxation and family fun.

Sprawling Fitness Facilities

David Lloyd Harrogate features a wealth of fitness facilities spread throughout the gorgeous grounds. The spacious gym floor makes working out a pleasure with plenty of room between equipment and nice views of the property. You’ll find a full range of top-notch equipment from cardio machines to resistance training.

The large selection of aerobic machines includes treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, exercise bikes and more. High-end weightlifting equipment like pin-loaded machines, plate loaded machines and free weights fuels strength training. There’s ample equipment so you never have to wait long for your turn. The pristine facilities motivate you to push your fitness to the next level.

Energizing Group Exercise Classes

In addition to self-directed workouts, David Lloyd Harrogate offers a jam-packed schedule of group exercise classes each week. It’s a great way to get motivated while working out alongside others. Classes range from aerobics to mind-body to strength training.

High-energy classes like Body Combat, GRIT and cycling provide heart-pumping cardio challenges. More low-impact options include Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi for strengthening your core. There are also dance-inspired workouts like Zumba and Jazzercise to get your groove on while burning calories. With so many options, you can find something fun and engaging no matter your interests.

Cutting-Edge Virtual Classes

David Lloyd Harrogate stays on the leading edge by offering hundreds of virtual group exercise classes. These are immersive, instructor-led classes that get displayed on a large cinema-style screen in the dedicated virtual studio. It feels just like taking an actual class, but with more flexibility.

You can take virtual classes on your own schedule instead of having to conform to class times. There’s also incredible variety since the library contains far more class types than they could host in-person. It’s an exciting way to get the group class experience using the latest technology.

Professional Personal Training

The club employs dozens of skilled Personal Trainers to assist members one-on-one. Getting started with personal training helps ensure you use equipment properly and create an effective workout regimen tailored to your needs. The trainer provides coaching and accountability as you strive for your fitness goals.

More experienced members can also benefit from personal training for motivation and trying new workout techniques. All trainers have professional qualifications and expertise guiding different fitness levels and goals. Investing in your health and fitness pays off when you have an expert Personal Trainer by your side.

Cutting Edge Performance Hub

Serious fitness enthusiasts will love the dedicated Performance Hub section of the gym. This area houses the most advanced equipment like Skillmills, Skillrun treadmills, battle ropes, slam balls and more to take your training to the next level.

It also features specialized strength and conditioning equipment like squat racks, Olympic weightlifting platforms and strongman implements. Personal Trainers utilize the Performance Hub to create tailored sports-specific training programs focusing on power, speed, agility and endurance.

With space for high-intensity interval training and innovative equipment not found elsewhere, the Performance Hub provides an elite training experience.

Fantastic Free Weights Area

The extensive free weights section caters to strength training enthusiasts. It contains a full range of dumbbells from 5 to 60+ pounds available in fixed weights and adjustable sets. With multiple benches and areas for floor exercises, you can lift to your heart’s content.

The plate-loaded equipment includes a variety of machines along with Olympic barbells and bumper plates. Squat racks and power cages allow for safe free weight lifting. With rubberized floors and ample space between equipment, the free weights area provides a comfortable yet hardcore lifting environment.

Dedicated Wellness Hub

For a more personalized approach to your health, visit the Wellness Hub. This unique facility brings together Specialist Trainers, Physical Therapists and Nutritionists under one roof.

Start with an assessment identifying your health and wellness baseline. Then your specialist designs a customized program incorporating lifestyle changes, physiotherapy, fitness training and nutrition. It empowers you to take control of your health with guidance from experts.

Stunning 25 Meter Pool

After your workout, refresh with a swim in David Lloyd Harrogate’s gorgeous indoor pool. Spanning 25 meters and lined with windows, the pool provides a peaceful atmosphere for swimming laps or water relaxation. Aqua Aerobics classes offer low-impact workouts in the pool. Swim coaches provide stroke analysis and instruction for improving your swimming technique.

Little ones can safely splash around in the separate children’s pool. On colder days, the spacious indoor pool area lets you enjoy swimming year-round in a comfortable climate-controlled environment. The pool facilities make getting in your cardio easy and enjoyable.

Relaxing Spa Facilities

When you want to indulge in relaxation, David Lloyd Harrogate’s luxury spa facilities hit the spot. Their indulgent spa garden features a hydro pool, herbal rock sauna, crystal steam room, tropical rain walk and more. Various water jets massage away tension as you soak in the soothing warmth.

Emerge rejuvenated after enjoying the spa circuit. Add treatments like massages, facials and body wraps for next-level pampering. The tranquil spa provides a serene escape from everyday stress. It’s the ultimate atmosphere for resting your body and renewing your mental outlook.

Range of Sports Courts

Sports lovers will appreciate the courts at David Lloyd Harrogate catering to different athletic interests. Test your skills on the sleek indoor and outdoor tennis courts complete with ball machines. Volleyball players can bump, set and spike on the dedicated beach volleyball court.

The four squash courts host competitive matches and casual games. Table tennis players can rally on one of three tables within the courts area. With quality spaces for tennis, volleyball, squash and more, you’ll never get bored playing sports here.

Huge Range of Group Exercise Classes

If you’re looking for exciting ways to break a sweat, David Lloyd Harrogate offers one of the largest class timetables in the area. With close to 200 free classes each week, you could take a different class every day.

Choose from yoga, Pilates, dance, indoor cycling and everything in between. There are also virtual classes, aqua aerobics in the pool, adventure walks through the trails and more. With this incredible variety, you can always find something new and engaging to invigorate your workout.

Energizing Blast Classes

One especially popular class format at David Lloyd Harrogate is the Blast class series. These high-intensity 30-minute workouts provide a short yet potent burst of training. Options like HIIT Blast, Core Blast, Kettlebell Blast and more target different parts of your body for complete conditioning.

The fast-paced classes blast your muscles to failure using creative combinations of cardio and strength training. You’ll be drenched in sweat by the end! The Blast classes allow you to squeeze in a powerful workout when you’re short on time.

State-of-the-Art Cycling Studio

Indoor cycling enthusiasts flock to the dedicated cycling studio featuring top-quality Vision bikes. With onboard computers, you can track metrics like resistance, cadence and heart rate as you pedal. Stadium seating provides great visibility of the instructor upfront leading motivational rides.

You can join intense heart-pumping classes like Cycle Beats and Race Day Ride. Themed rides like Back to the 80’s offer a fun musical journey. Even newcomers can feel comfortable trying cycles classes in this exciting dedicated studio.

Innovative Mind & Body Classes

Seeking centering and flexibility through movement? Expand your mind and body in David Lloyd Harrogate’s yoga and Pilates studios. Take your pick from numerous class types like hatha yoga, Yin yoga, aerial yoga, barre and mat Pilates.

More unique offerings include Gyrokinesis, which uses special apparatus for three-dimensional movement. You can also try fascial stretch therapy and Franklin Method classes that encourage fluid, natural motion. Open your body and mind with these soothing classes.

Range of Les Mills Classes

As a Les Mills partner club, David Lloyd Harrogate offers the full range of popular Les Mills workouts. These immersive classes let you torch calories to pumping soundtracks using science-backed techniques.

Options include the high-energy BodyCombat and GRIT cardio classes. BodyPump and Core use light weights to shape and strengthen your muscles. CXWORX targets your core. There are also dance options like BodyJam and Barre. With motivating instructors and great music, Les Mills gives you an experience beyond standard group fitness.

Specialty Movement Classes

Ready to try a new way of moving? David Lloyd Harrogate’s specialty movement classes offer creative workouts for exercise variety.

Try a Clubbercise class combining fun dance moves like lunges and squats with glow stick lighting. Move functionally with Animal Flow bodyweight training inspired by animal postures. Work on balance during SUP yoga on paddleboards in the pool. Stay inspired and engaged with unique classes like these.

World-Class Racquet Sports Facilities

With 7 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, 4 squash courts and 3 padel courts, David Lloyd Harrogate provides incredible facilities for racquet sports. Tennis players can develop skills with coaching and mix social play with competition. The glass-backed squash courts make for intense matches with your squash pals.

Padel combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton for fast-paced games on an enclosed court. The variety of first-rate racquet sport options makes it easy to find your new passion.

Social Tennis Programs

David Lloyd Harrogate offers far more than just courts when it comes to tennis. Social programs give you the chance to meet fellow tennis lovers.

Organized social sessions pair you up with tennis partners. Competitive members can join the club teams and test their skills against other clubs. Private and group lessons help you improve your strokes. With so many ways to get involved, the club makes tennis more than just a workout.

Expert Tennis Coaching

For those seeking to take their tennis to the next level, David Lloyd Harrogate’s expert Tennis Coaches bring out your best performance. Coaches evaluate your skill and create tailored development programs for your specific needs.

Private lessons allow the coach to focus completely on advancing your skills. Or join a small-group class to save on costs and meet people. The club also runs holiday camps, tournaments and events to build your skills in a fun competitive environment. With this exceptional coaching, you can unleash your full tennis potential.

Junior Tennis Development

David Lloyd Harrogate offers top-notch tennis development pathways for juniors. Young players can progress from Tennis Tots sessions learning basic motor skills up to competitive squads with elite training.

The Junior Development Program nurtures skills through coaching and tournaments. It allows aspiring youth players to gain experience and possibly achieve a world ranking. With encouragement and expert instruction, the club helps junior players gain confidence on the courts.

Targeted Squash Coaching

Squash players can sharpen their skills with David Lloyd Harrogate’s targeted squash coaching programs. Like with tennis, private lessons offer the most customized experience with one-on-one attention. Group coaching provides a more affordable option for refining technique.

Junior squash programs help young players build fundamentals and passion for the sport. Squadron Squash allows kids to train in a fun, team environment. Adults can take part in weekly Club Night squash playing organized games with a variety of partners and ability levels. Quality coaching takes your squash skills up a notch.

Active Kids Camps

During school holidays, David Lloyd Harrogate runs Active Kids Camps perfect for keeping children engaged. Available for kids ages 5-14, the camps involve swimming, sports, games and activities from 9am to 5pm each day. It’s a great way for kids to stay active and social during breaks from school.

The camps incorporate fitness activities like obstacle courses along with recreation like arts and crafts. Kids learn new sports with qualified coaching focused on participation and teamwork. With regular breaks, they’ll stay energized having fun with new friends.

Swimming Lessons

From babies to adults, everyone can learn or improve their swimming skills with David Lloyd Harrogate’s extensive swimming lesson program. Caring instructors teach all ability levels with patience and encouragement.

Options range from adult beginner lessons to Team Laguna competitive squad training. The swim school provides stepping stones from water confidence through stroke proficiency. With small class sizes, kids and adults gain the attention they need to progress in lessons tailored to their needs.

Exciting Children’s Activities

Children have a blast at David Lloyd Harrogate thanks to awesome activities just for kids. The adventure soft play area spans multiple levels with tunnels, obstacles and slides for endless entertainment. Arts and crafts sessions inspire creativity. During holiday activity camps, they’ll enjoy sports, games, competitions and more all day long.

Kids ages 5-12 are welcome in the Fun House on weekends and holidays. This play area keeps them busy with games, movies, arts and computing. Children immersed in fun activities gives parents time to exercise and relax.

On-Site David Lloyd Club Shop

The convenient on-site club shop carries everything you need for working out in style and comfort. Browse sportswear from top brands like Nike and Adidas to ensure you look as great as you feel. Try on athletic shoes to find the perfect training or court shoe to meet your sport’s needs.

The shop also stocks equipment like tennis rackets, squash equipment, yoga mats and fitness accessories. With swimwear, towels, toiletries and more, it’s a one-stop-shop to get fully equipped before or after your workouts. The friendly staff provide helpful advice as you gear up.

Modern Changing Rooms

Step into the spacious, modern changing rooms and you’ll feel transported to a luxury hotel rather than a gym. There is plenty of room with benches between banks of lockers, so you can comfortably change and store your belongings.

Rain showers let you wash off after working up a sweat. Vanity areas have mirrors and comfortable seating for getting ready at your leisure. Thoughtful touches include phone chargers, hair straighteners and amenity bags. With its luxurious design, the changing room exceeds expectations.

Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

To support injury recovery and movement health, David Lloyd Harrogate offers physiotherapy and sports medicine. Skilled physiotherapists treat issues like back and joint pain, strains, sprains and postural problems that affect workouts. You can book one-on-one appointments in the well-equipped physio room.

The Body MOT assessment analyzes your balance, movement and alignment to identify areas needing improvement. With personalized treatment plans and targeted exercises, you’ll get back to full function. These rehab services help ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle.

On-Site Restaurant Cafe

Refuel between workouts or after your class at the healthy on-site restaurant cafe. You’ll find nutritious, delicious food choices to power your pursuits. Options like salads, sandwiches, pastas and grilled proteins make it easy to eat well.

The coffee shop serves premium espresso drinks, teas, smoothies and juices. Treat yourself to a post-workout sweet like oatmeal cookies, flapjacks or brownies. With seating inside or outdoors on the terrace, it’s a lovely spot to relax and nourish your body.

Luxurious Spa Treatments

Book rejuvenating spa treatments in the tranquil atmosphere of the spa and beauty rooms. Massages like hot stone, Swedish and aromatherapy soothe sore muscles using calming techniques. Opt for specific massages targeting areas of tension. Facials cleanse skin while providing relaxation through massage. You can also opt for rejuvenating body scrubs and wraps.

Before your treatment, enjoy the spa facilities like the sauna, steam room and hydro pool. The luxurious spa experience will leave you feeling wonderfully pampered and refreshed. It’s the ultimate way to unwind after a vigorous workout.

All-Inclusive Membership

One major perk of being a member at David Lloyd Harrogate is enjoying access to all the phenomenal facilities and classes. Once you pay your monthly dues, you can use courts, pools, gyms, classes and more without paying any additional fees. Membership includes access for your kids too.

As a member, you don’t have to plan ahead or limit time anywhere. Take advantage of it all on your own schedule. Trying new activities and services every visit comes free of charge. The all-inclusive access makes getting your money’s worth effortless.

Friendly Inclusive Vibe

From the warm welcome at reception to social activities, David Lloyd Harrogate cultivates an inclusive, inviting environment. Members of all athletic abilities, ages and walks of life mingle throughout the premises with smiles. The sense of community enhances the experience beyond just utilizing facilities.

Staff members make it their mission to learn members’ names and make them feel at home. When you join group classes and sports clubs, mingling comes naturally. The focus on hospitality creates a friendly, welcoming vibe you look forward to immersing yourself in.

Convenient On-Site Facilities

David Lloyd Harrogate feels like a mini village with the array of on-site amenities at your fingertips. The state-of-the-art facilities mean you can park your car on arrival and barely drive anywhere until departure. The pools, sports courts, spa, gym and studios provide full fitness and recreation offerings.

Grab a healthy meal at the cafe to refuel between activities. Get any needed equipment, clothing and accessories at the shop. Enjoy a massage in the spa when your muscles need some TLC. Everything conveniently located onsite streamlines your experience.

Stunning Country Club Setting

Unlike many gyms situated in generic business parks, David Lloyd Harrogate immerses you in expansive lush grounds and fresh country air. The facilities sit nestled within Otley Road Country Club’s 100 acres of greenery. Floor to ceiling windows throughout overlook the sweeping landscape.

Outdoor tennis courts, pools and paved trails encourage you to soak up the tranquil atmosphere. It feels worlds away from the stresses of normal life. The idyllic country

If you need more information check their official website

What are the membership options at David Lloyd Harrogate?

There are a few different membership options depending on your needs:

Diamond membership – Gives unlimited access to facilities plus extras like racquets, spa access, multi-club access, etc.

Platinum membership – Gives unlimited access to facilities plus some extras like racquets and multi-club access.

Plus membership – Gives unlimited access to gym, studios and pools only.
You can also add a partner, children or young children to your membership.

What are the differences between Diamond, Platinum and Plus memberships?

The main differences are:

Diamond includes access to racquets, spa facilities, multi-club access, towels, discounts, enhanced booking, etc.

Platinum includes access to racquets, multi-club access, towels, discounts, enhanced booking.

Plus is gym, studio and pool access only.

So Diamond has the most amenities and perks, followed by Platinum, and Plus is just basic gym access.

What is the monthly and joining fee for a Diamond membership?

For a 12 month Diamond membership, it is £194 per month and a £150 joining fee.

For a 3 month Diamond membership, it is £229 per month and a £130 joining fee.

What is included in the Diamond membership?

The Diamond membership includes:

Unlimited gym, studio, pool access
Racquets access
@home digital access
Monthly guest pass
Fresh towel at every visit
10% discounts on Clubroom and kids courses
Enhanced booking abilities
Access to multiple clubs
Access to spa facilities

What is the monthly cost to add a partner on my membership?

To add your partner to any membership level, it is an additional £59 per month plus a one-time £120 joining fee.

What is the monthly cost to add a child between ages 3-18?

To add a child aged 3-18 years old to your membership, it is an additional £29 per month plus a one-time £10 joining fee per child.

Is there a membership option that allows access to only the tennis courts?

Unfortunately there is no membership option for only tennis court access. All memberships provide access to the full facilities, with Diamond and Platinum also including racquets access. To use the tennis courts you would need at least a Plus membership.

Do memberships include use of the spa facilities?

Only the Diamond membership includes full use of the spa facilities like the hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room etc. The other membership levels do not provide access to the spas and Spa Retreat experiences.

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