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Monthly Membeships

Full Contract 12 Months

£50 Joining fee£130.00

Full Contract 12 Months

£100 Joining fee£195.00


£75 Joining fee£97.50

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The Essential Guide to Virgin Active Gyms

Virgin Active is one of the largest health club chains in the UK, with over 200 modern fitness centers offering premium amenities and services to members across the country. This article will provide an overview of key information potential members would want to know regarding Virgin Active Gym locations, amenities, membership options, and overall offerings.

Overview of Virgin Active Gym Locations and Sizes

Virgin Active operates fitness centers in locations all throughout the UK from Aberdeen to Plymouth. Many sites are conveniently located in city and town centers or near popular shopping and business areas. Club sizes vary greatly:

  • Small Clubs: Around 20,000 to 30,000 sq ft with 2 floors of amenities
  • Medium Clubs: 30,000 to 50,000 sq ft with 2 floors
  • Large Clubs: Over 60,000+ sq ft with 3+ floors

Their flagship clubs also exist featuring unparalleled luxury, size and comprehensive amenities – some over 100,000 sq ft total! When evaluating Virgin Active, consider your local sites and if the club size meets your needs. Those wanting a vast range of facilities may prefer their XXL clubs.

Membership Options and Joining Process

Virgin Active caters memberships to all budget ranges and intends uses:

No Commitment Membership

  • Pay monthly, cancel anytime
  • Includes gym, classes, swimming
  • Peak pricing applies

12 Month Commitment

  • Minimum 12 month commitment
  • Lower monthly rates
  • Peak and off-peak options

Student Membership

  • For those in full-time education
  • Proof of studies required
  • Discounted rate

Membership rates themselves vary by location, your age, peak vs off-peak access and other factors. After an initial registration fee, expect monthly charges between £40-80+ depending on your selections. Pricing is intentionally flexible to accommodate different demographics and usage levels.

The joining process involves a gym tour, health check and membership registration. You’ll receive gym card access and can start working out. Members also gain access to Virgin Active mobile apps for class booking, tracking and more features.

Amenities to Expect at Virgin Active Gyms

Virgin Active aims to create a luxurious and motivating fitness environment catering to all needs via top amenities:

Cardio Equipment

All clubs feature the latest Technogym treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, rowers, steppers and arc trainers. There’s ample equipment and space for all members. Modern screens display on demand content or your own stats.

Strength Equipment

Free weights, squat racks, Smith machines and plenty more strength equipment caters to bodybuilders, powerlifters and anyone wanting to build muscle. Personal trainers are on hand for form advice too. Expect loads of benches, racks, bars and machines with all the plates, bars and dumbbells you need.

Group Exercise Studios

With mirrored walls and upbeat environments, classes like yoga, pilates, cycling and dance cater to those wanting instructor-led group sessions. Specialty rigs, balls, bands and equipment make classes varied and challenging. Expect a daily class timetable mixing popular and niche activities.

Swimming Pools and Wet Facilities

While not offered at every Virgin Active, most clubs will include a pool and wet amenities like saunas, steam rooms and spa pools. Take a swim after your workout or relax in the jacuzzi to unwind during your visit. Quality locker rooms make prepping for your session seamless as well.

Additional Amenities

Depending on location, other specialty amenities may include:

  • Racquetball, Squash, Basketball Courts
  • Luxury Spas for massages and beauty
  • Physiotherapy and sports medicine
  • Pro shops selling equipment
  • Juice bars and cafes

So expect a comprehensive fitness experience beyond just gym equipment if you choose Virgin Active. Check your local club listings for unique amenities that enhance your experience.

Fitness Expertise Offered at Virgin Active

The staff and trainers make a real difference at Virgin Active. Expect expertise and support:

Personal Trainers

Certified personal trainers with specialities like weight loss, strength training and injury recovery are available for private and small group sessions at an added fee. Get 1-on-1 coaching tailored to you.

Fitness Instructors

Friendly instructors teach all group exercise classes on the schedule and ensure correct form, technique and motivation in every session. They have passion for their areas, whether its Yoga, HIIT, Cycling etc.

Lifestyle Coaches

The company’s unique Lifestyle Coaches go beyond just fitness – they offer expert advice on all areas like nutrition, recovery, motivation and achieving life goals. Get invested coaching during your journey.

So no matter your needs, Virgin Active has qualified staff to support you. Initial health checks help customize guidance for your start as well.

Sample Experience Working Out at Virgin Active

Here’s an example experience using Virgin Active’s top amenities:

You access your local Virgin Active club by checking in at reception with your membership card. After changing in clean locker rooms, you warmup with a 30 minute jog on the treadmill while watching TV. An instructor advises you on using the machine’s specialty training programs to maximize your run.

Feeling energized, you do a strength circuit using dumbbells, resistance bands and weight machines to target different muscle groups – staff assist with any needed spotting or form advice. Then it’s off to the large studio for an invigorating HIIT class led by an instructor. They make sure everyone has space, equipment and guidance to succeed.

Finally you cooloff swimming laps in the pool before heading to the relaxing sauna and steam rooms. The amenities make it a welcoming workout environment you look forward to returning to frequently. Stopping for a protein smoothie afterwards, you feel motivated to consistently pursue your fitness goals.

So in summary, Virgin Active provides stellar fitness experiences by blending convenience, amenities, expertise and motivation under one roof. Now that you know the basics regarding Virgin Active Gyms, visit your local club to evaluate the offerings in-person. With tailored memberships to match needs and budgets, see if their premium facilities can take your fitness to the next level.

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